The projects

The projects

Lamu has got a fantastic weather, all year round.  It is a dream destination for tourists and, with peace and the rule of law restored in Somalia, a very safe one.  The construction of the sea port, oil refinery and airport, and the opening up of the a maritime gateway to an increasingly affluent African population, will result in an opulence that demands befitting lifestyles.  Milhoi City, a 25 sq km of land and water, is the leisure partner that Lagler Ltd is promoting to cater to the discerning tastes of this affluent, cosmopolitan, multi-disciplinary executive.

With a planned investment of US $ 8.6 billion spread over 5 phases to be rolled out over 10 years to 2025, this magnificent integrated City promises an IRR of 112% and ROI of 67% to its equity investors.

Connected through canals, trams and electric carts, powered by internally generated solar energy, and with large expanses of open fields, the City is a dream for naturalists.  Championship links golf courses, world class 5 star hotels, spas and wellness centres, wildlife sanctuaries, theme parks, art galleries, and museums will provide and exciting array of leisure that will enchant the soul of every visitor and energize the spirit of every resident.

Comprehensive government and city provided security, education from kindergarten to university, world class medical facilities, sports of all varieties, shopping malls, and office blocks will ensure that the needs of the visitors and residents of the City will be addressed.   Investing to provide for the needs of the Milhoi City visitor and resident will undoubtedly be a profitable business.

Some of the facilities and amenities to be developed in the City include:

  • 4 18-hole championship golf courses
  • 40 mw solar plant
  • 4 5-star hotels
  • A referral hospital and well-ness centres
  • Academic Institutions all the way from Kindergartens to university
  • Wildlife sanctuary
  • Shopping malls & office blocks
  • Private homes and creek chalets
  • Sports complex
  • Marina
  • Race track
  • Theme parks
  • Cultural centre

among many other high-end facilities.  The Project is to be developed over 10 years period divided into 5 2-3 years overlapping phases.  Phase 1 takes off in 2017.  When completed, the City is expected to directly employ over 30,000 persons and attract over 700,000 visitors/tourists per year.

The promoters of Milhoi City would be delighted to discuss with prospective investors their areas of interest and assist them to develop their project/s to full realisation.  They are therefore encouraged to get in touch with us at their earliest convenience.